Tony Davis
Based in Doha, Qatar

Founding date:
Jan 17, 2015


Press / Business contact:

twitter.com/goteamyeahgame Discord/Itanican#3746

+(974) 66208145


Go Team Yeah is a multiplayer arena game for the whole family. Run and jump off platforms as you stomp members of the other team, collect amazing power-ups and change the shape of the game. Build new items in your Team Machine on your way to victory!


Go Team Yeah is the creation of a British game developer, Tony Davis. Starting as a level designer on the original Far Cry and moving up to Producer on the Crysis series before moving into Mobile with The Drowning and Isolani, I went indie in 2015.

After releasing Pushdown on iOS and Android with my 7-year old son, I re-wrote the game engine to create a four-player couch coop/arena game with multiple game modes and levels.

Knowing that the cost of controllers can be a hurdle for this type of game, I also created a Smartphone controller App to allow anyone with a device to jump into a game. Using skills acquired during 16 years in the industry, I am responsible for all of the art, game-design code, music, website and marketing for Go Team Yeah.


  • 1 - 4 players Download the Smartphone controller App and jump into a running game.
  • Brawl mode No teams, just four players fighting for powerups over a bottomless void.
  • Team Machine mode Team up with a friend to stomp enemies and collect their energy. Use this in your Team Machine to create bombs that will destroy the enemy machine.
  • Survival mode Play cooperatively with your team mates to protect your Team Machine from waves of enemies. Resuscitate your friends if they go down – if everyone gets hit then it's game over!
  • 15 playable characters from a cuddly bear to a dapper gentleman with a fishtank for a head...
  • Multiple power ups become a giant or the size of a mouse, grab a glove and electrocute opponents, become super-speedy with a pair of sneakers, get some stomp-protection with a sturdy suit of armour, surprise your foes with sticky bombs.
  • Hand-built, super colourful environments spanning mountains, oceans, cities, forests, cloud-tops and alien worlds.


Go Team Yeah Trailer YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (10MB)

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Tony Davis
Code, Design, Art, Music, Marketing

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